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Real-Estate ERP

About This Service

Systemic is one of the best Real Estate ERP software development company. We provide end-to-end software solutions for real estate business. We offer Best ERP software for Real Estate Industry to manage and simplify the difficult real estate process. For real estate business, ERP software application is very important for project planning and budget estimations.

ERP application for real estate provides the ultimate solutions to your business and industrial hazards. We have the team of Real estate ERP application developers who can understand your business requirements and build top-notch ERP software for real estate commercial and residential developers.

Product Overview

Features & Functions

Real-Estate ERP Product

Real estate is the most competitive and challenging field in today’s industry and demanding in commercial and residential projects. It helps to build real-time and effective marketing campaigns among customers.

To improve reasonable profits in today’s real estate marketing industry, consider the following factors such as project planning, budget planning, site selection, regulatory approvals, and construction etc.

Few benefits of having real estate ERP application are listed below,

  • Improve real-time invoice management
  • Increase property sales management
  • Building maintenance and management
  • Maintain customers information, their purchases, credit history etc,.
  • Placing orders, making deals, scheduling orders, commission to employees, brokers, and partners.

Service & Benefits ERP

It is highly integrated ERP solution helps real estate owners to generate financial reports efficiently.

Real Estate ERP application drives a lot of benefits to real estate agents to track real estate booking, tracking sales processes among all product categories such as residential properties, commercial properties, plots, villas, etc

We develop your real estate business quickly and maintain the good relationship with your potential customers. some benefits,

  • Real time processing of all invoices.
  • Smart handling of property sales.
  • Cash flow improvement.
  • Constant and immediate overview of company’s financial situation.

 A real estate software system can track various types of property and also all other procedures associated with the asset life span including space assignment and management, original acquisition of property and its ultimate disposal, incoming rental charges, grounds maintenance and many other functions. 

We develop and customize ERP systems with the following features: 

  • Inventory management system.
  • Customer portal. 
  • Pre-sales and marketing management system.
  • Sales and transaction module.
  • Financial system. 
  • Booking management system.
  • Agent management program.
  • Property bank system.
  • Visitor control system.
  • Human resource management system.

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