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Insurance ERP

About This Service

Every insurance company takes a holistic approach to manage the risks in our life. It prevents businesses and people from the risk to deal with unforeseeable events. The more important fact is that insurance industry is a service sector that guarantees safety and secures trustworthiness to clients.

That’s why it’s of high importance for any insurance business to create an image of a reliable, transparent and solid company to deal with. Insurance software development, solutions, technology and consulting gain a competitive edge by transforming and improving web performance of insurance business.

The latest technological products of the IT sector help insurance businesses enhance customer and,

  • Agent loyalty
  • Facilitate cross-selling services
  • Reducing expenses

We are open for partnership with insurance providers such as underwriters, insurance brokers, insurance agents, expanding new horizons of the insurance business.

Product Overview

Features & Functions

Prevent your Concern from the negative consequences of disjointed business-processes.

Insurance companies need flexible and efficient systems for information processing as they work with a great number of clients, deal with accountable documents including the ones for governmental entities, go regularly through check-outs.

Thus, shared information space is a necessity and that is where an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is likely to help one’s business start thriving.


Our ERP solutions are destined to automate insurance contract accounting, calculation of insurance payments, preparation of insurance documentary and necessary procedures such as,

Accounting Transaction Management  it improve transaction reporting by preventing one’s specialists from the processing of time-consuming paper-work. 

Cash Management with the integration of which one gets full control over its cash flow having at one’s disposal accurately processed and analyzed data on the transactions made.

Finance Management which simplifies financial planning and improves the level of finance data accuracy thus strengthening budgeting capabilities of the insurance company.

Human Resource Management that provides hr-managers with a comprehensive set of tools which facilitate efficient personnel control covering attendance, bonuses and other necessary HR functions.

Features & Functions

We are sure that an enterprise planning application is likely to strengthen one’s positions on business arena and basing on our experience. We offer a few variants how to integrate painlessly an ERP system into a company of any size and level of development.

  • Client Database
  • Purchasing Data Management 
  • Contract Accounting 
  • Contract Follow-ups
  • Receivables and Credit Managing

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